Wilynn Baby Mum Tips 101 to Prepare for the Baby

Wilynn Baby Mum Tips 101 to Prepare for the Baby

  1. Make a plan. 

    1. Having a baby (especially your first) can feel like a huge leap into the unknown. The sense of uncertainty from having a baby can cause feelings of anxiety and stress. To ease the negative emotions, having a parenting checklist in place well before the baby comes will help make the most of your baby's first year.

  2. Prepare a good storage system for your baby’s meals and milk.

    1. Life gets in the way sometimes and you can’t plan around your biological schedule, so storage bottles and tupperwares are a worthy investment to keep the meals and milk for your baby fresh.

  3. Talk to veteran moms.

    1. There are all kinds of things about new motherhood, such as leaking pee, the baby blues, and fatigue, just to name a few. You won't have the same experience as your friends, but finding out about certain things ahead of time can reduce the shock factor.

  4. Stock up on the essentials (but don't go overboard).

    1. A new baby requires an installed car seat, diapers, wipes, some clothing, and a safe place to sleep. Add bottles if you're bottle feeding, formula if you're formula feeding, and nursing bras and pads if you're breastfeeding. Don't feel pressured to have every baby product you'll ever need ready to go.

  5. Take care of yourself while pregnant.

    1. During pregnancy, your body's working overtime; physical fatigue can worsen the symptoms of emotional overload. Spend at least a few minutes every day to nurture yourself. Take a quick nap, go for a walk, try yoga or meditation, stock up on healthy snacks, or get a prenatal massage.