Lunavie Digital UV Sterilizer & Dryer (2 years warranty)

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The Lunavie Portable UV Sterilizer & Dryer is a convenient sterilizing household unit that provides peace of mind and keeping your family safe at the touch of a button. With the Phillips UV lamp, the Lunavie UV Sterilizer eliminates 99.9% of harmful bacterial and is safe to use on all of your baby’s various feeding gear while the HEPA Filter blocks up to 99.7 % of air borne dust and particles. It is designed with touch screen buttons, simple to use and easy to carry everywhere.

UV Sterilizer is one of the newest addition to the baby bottle sterilizer family! Instead of steaming, this innovative sterilizer uses ultraviolet to eliminate bacterial and germs.

Lunavie Digital UV Sterilizer & Dryer is portable to carry everywhere!



•             The direct use of 7 mirror stainless steel allows the UV to refract 360 degrees without hidden angle.

•             HEPA clean filtration system blocks external hazardous substances with up to 99.7% effectiveness

•             Low temperature drying that prolongs the life cycle of your feeding items & etc.

•             Elimination of up to 99.9% of germs, bacterial, molds and viruses.

•             Storage setting activates 2 minutes UV Sterilize every 2 hours.

•             Portable size gives you convenience to carry everywhere you go and more space on your countertop.

•             Made with high-quality PP Food Grade material and shaped without sharp edges.

•             Intuitive display for easy operation and monitoring.

•             Power is automatically cut off when the lid is opened during operation.

•             Lid swings at a convenient angle, making it easy to open.

•             Light and portable size makes it easy to carry anywhere and frees up space on  your counter-top.

•             Attained CB Test Certification & Low Voltage Direction Certification as a confidence assurance towards the product quality.

4 Intelligent Programs to choose:

a)            Auto: Option to dry and sterilise for 41 & 61 minutes.

b)            Sterilize: Option to sterilise only for 11, 16 or 21 minutes.

c)            Drying: Option to dry only for 41 or 51 minutes.

d)            Auto Storage: Automatically activates 2 minutes sterilizing process once every 2 hours, for a total 72 hours.


•             Product Name: Digital UV Sterilizer & Dryer

•             Sterilizing Power: 4W

•             Dryer Power: 75W

•             Voltage: 220v-240v, 50hz-60Hz

•             Inner Capacity: 7L

•             Net Weight: 2.02kg

•             Gross Weight: 3.1kg

•             Product Size: 280*280*247mm

•             Warranty: 2 Year Warranty


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