Smelly No More Roll On Deodorant 60g/120g

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Product Description

Eliminate body odour effectively the natural way. Made from PURE & NATURAL MINERAL SALTS, it effectively INHIBITS BACTERIA GROWTH, which is the REAL SOURCE of BODY ODOUR. Contains NO alcohol, fragrance, chemicals & oil, this natural crystal stone does not stain clothing & does not darken skin. Suitable for all skin types for the whole family.



 Product Features

1. Pure & Natural mineral salts

2. Inhibits bacteria growth which is the main source of BO

3. Non-sticky and non-greasy

4. Alcohol-free and fragrance-free

5. Chemical-free, safe for all skin types

6. Does not darken skin

7. Does no stain clothing

8. 24 hour anti bacteria                                                                


Product Usage

After a shower, wet the top surface of Total Image Smelly-No-More with water. Apply onto affected areas such as underarms, feet, neck, behind knees, behind ears and so forth. Once done, rinse the top surface of the crystal stone again and leave to dry either with cap on or off.


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